The Ceremonial Art Healing Centre is located  in central Hobart and open for group sessions and individual appointments.  (

Sessions are nurturing and include guided meditation, ceremony and art therapy practice also know as process art or intuitive art practice.
Join one of our regular group sessions where you can melt into meditation and allow yourself to be guided through ceremony. Free your hands to play with paint and immerse yourself in a unique environment where mindfulness can flourish. Share space without speaking and join with like minded others, exploring process art therapy in a safe, supportive environment. Replenish and enjoy deep relaxation.
Individual sessions and workshops are also available. Learn life supporting tools for your own healing journey including a range of ceremonies, mindfulness techniques and art therapy practices.
Learn how emotional blocks can lead to dis-ease of the mind and body and why, as human beings, we all block emotions.  
I highly recommend this soulful course. I really enjoyed the meditative approach to art therapy and felt like I pushed through some barriers. It was interesting how my brain processed things differently when I was able to be calm, still and reflective. The session gave me some insight, got me a little closer to understanding myself. I left feeling somewhat lighter than when I arrived. I highly recommend this peaceful and grounding experience.Steph
Karen created a tranquil and healing space where I felt safe and encouraged to connect to myself and others through the ceremonial transitions, meditation and intuitive art therapy. Highly recommended! Zoe

Thank you for creating this space where I could safely and gently reconnect to a missing part of myself . The Ceremonial Art Healing Centre is helping me reconnect to a part of myself which I am now bringing back to life. I had forgotten creativity is a big part of who I am. Now this authentic part of me is miraculously awakening through art therapy. – Yin
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